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Insomnia is a common problem these days. Practicing restorative yoga postures before going to bed can help cure insomnia and give you a good nights sleep. He…




  • fortinjack77 7 years ago

    A very lovely and informative video.:)
    Thank you Lexi for your tips and routine too.:)

  • Missyplaymate3 7 years ago

    Great video I need this. Thanks doll

  • Bobyman64 7 years ago

    Thanks for the great and very helpful video and you have beautiful feet

  • elusivetantra 7 years ago

    what you doing up at this time?

  • jjvg1973 7 years ago

    Your feet look delicious as usual 😉

  • RavenMadd9 7 years ago

    thank you Lexi

  • el0sidewinder 7 years ago

    helpful video.
    But are you sure you pronounced “chakras” right???

  • Geraldo Galliani 7 years ago

    beautiful your voice is (I cannot describe it) every single time I hear it, My Cock gets rock hard. You should do a video about how to project such a strong sexuality with the voice. Your voice is truly magical.

  • Arshad Butt 7 years ago

    everybody’s got different pose for insomnia,who telling the truth!

  • Lon White 7 years ago

    love all yur vids, hahaha , you should have named your channel sexiyoga ,since im the yoga master tho, maby il start a rival youtube channel and call myself sexiyoga , show off my sexy body and stuff of that sorts

  • Surinder Jit 7 years ago

    your very sweet voice

  • Surinder Jit 7 years ago

    your black and purple outfits looks very good and make you adorable
    your home town is ?

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago

    Thank you:)

  • LexiYoga 7 years ago

    I’m in Toronto, Canada:)

  • TheGoodNewsforall 7 years ago

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