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Yoga Freely teaches you about stresses that effect your spine and how to correct your spine for a healthy life. You still want to visit your local chiropract…




  • Smiley4997 7 years ago

    That last position really worked for me..

  • lavatube11 7 years ago

    Ha, I love the outtakes at the end!!

    (Good job, I will try those poses,thanks)

  • Dianne Flores 7 years ago

    hello…can these poses help me with my left lumbar scoliosis?

  • gardenmannn 7 years ago

    wonderful relaxation

  • Bernadettefull 7 years ago

    Where can I find the scientific references that you based the information you provide regarding the positive effects of yoga, as in red blood cells, the endocrine system etc. I would be so grateful if you could respond to this question as soon as possible. Thank you Very much!! B

  • blueraysorcerer 7 years ago

    Where? => google. But you have to know what words and search techniques to use. There’s also the question of how much scientific research has been done to date on yoga and how many papers have been published. The other thing is, you also have to have at least a half-decent concept and understanding of the term “yoga,” because yoga is a broad concept that encompasses many aspects, incl. physical, mental, emotional, and energetic facets.. and not just postures (asanas).

  • icecold723 7 years ago

    is it true that possible to lengthen your spine and increase your height doing yoga?

  • TheVultureDog 7 years ago

    I dunno if anyone actually uses these yoga videos because I just like to jack off to the womens’ pretty feet.

  • Krasimira Stefanova 7 years ago

    Seriously!? Noone wants to know that…

  • foto1272 7 years ago

    more clips please

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