Added by on August 6, 2013 Why would you want to practice yoga at home? Learn 4 great benefits of developing a home yoga practice and you’ll understand why…




  • Alison Smith 7 years ago

    Thanks! That’s a great idea. In future videos, I’ll be doing more alignment specific work. Is there anything in particular you’d like to learn or need help with?

  • HomeYogaPracticeTV 7 years ago

    Hey Ramesh. I totally agree that much can be gained from seeing the student. And, after seeing thousands of students, there are common misalignments that can be addressed too. What I’ve found for hypermobile elbow and shoulders – stay super connected in your hands. In particular, press your fingertips into the mat. This will “charge” your arms more consistently and you’ll have more support in the joint. I’ll be making a video on this principle soon.

  • HomeYogaPracticeTV 7 years ago

    Also – side crow is a tough pose in general! But I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve for getting deeper into twists too. All the Best, Alison

  • Janessa Christina 7 years ago

    Your videos are amazing. I started doing your videos after my college yoga course ended. Some days are better than others but I enjoy the “energy” afterwards and I feel so much happier. I thank my teacher for introducing it and you for you clear and understandable videos. Please keep them coming 🙂

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