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30 Minute Beginner Yoga | AmandAsanaYogaFilmed on a beautiful beach near Loreto, Mexico, this 30 minute class is geared towards beginners bu




  • FridayDarling 5 years ago

    Just saw this so excited! I’m going to try it tomorrow on my new mat! The
    background is stunning! 

  • Hazel Juanita Millan-Hoffman 5 years ago

    Are there yoga for handicapped people who can not get on the ground, but
    can do it from a chair or wheelchair?

  • SunnyBeachCouture 5 years ago

    Ok girls check out this Yaga Class give yourself a good excuse to have on
    those comfy lu lu lemon yoga pants Xx <3

  • BeautyChemCam 5 years ago

    This was lovely. 🙂 Maybe you can do a video with more poses for shoulders
    and chest. 🙂 I really enjoy those.

  • Rosina M. 5 years ago

    I love your yoga videos!! Such beautiful scenery. I did it right along with
    you. Thanks so much for doing these yoga videos! They have really helped me
    with my flexibility and strength. Hugs and Peace xoxoxo Rosina

  • SunnyBeachCouture 5 years ago

    Amanda I am going to try this video excited you posted a beginner one. A
    real reason to pull on my lu lu lemon yoga pants besides they are so super
    cute. Hugs Xx <3 Jennifer

  • AmandAsanaYoga 5 years ago

    30 Minute Beginner Yoga Class! :-)

  • Lindsay Xo 5 years ago

    Hey girl! Check out my newest video….you might like it! XO

  • Ki2my 5 years ago

    I paused your other video to watch the yoga vid when it came up then I
    realized, I just sat and watched the entire thing w/o moving. aaahhh
    hahahah I don’t think that was the point. So now I have it watch again
    tonight and actually DO it. V8 smack 4 me.

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