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Even the ones that didn’t make it should get recognition. 2nd Channel: twitter: instagram…




  • tresrules16543 7 years ago

    The Manny Pacquiao ones where hilarious.

  • rach cantin 7 years ago

    Lol the dog kept moving!!! XD

  • Cherry Blossom 7 years ago

    He is Filipino. 🙂

  • Michael Morris 7 years ago

    I cracked up when he dropped the dog

  • Lols King 7 years ago

    2:06 lol

  • Jesus Fernandez 7 years ago

    Ur Filipino so u have a pass u know about pac

  • George Ormrod 7 years ago

    i always do that with my dog, not drop it the lion king thing

  • julia duncan 7 years ago

    Lol I laughed when then cried! :’)

  • AyeJayKaraCROAKER 7 years ago


  • Kali Monerod 7 years ago

    omg! he dropped the dog! It made me laugh so hard!

  • callme mula 7 years ago

    That manny one lol!,

  • Anjo Samaniego 7 years ago

    lol im filipino

  • trekerdekker 7 years ago

    1:21 XD

  • RJ Griego 7 years ago

    Nice joke man I’m philipino lol

  • josh adams 7 years ago

    Chariots of Fire music!!

  • wweazim 7 years ago

    why I love you love you love you love would hate for you to be late

  • sora riku 7 years ago

    lol XD

  • CowMilKrew 7 years ago

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    Click on the cow 😀

  • Coco Duffs 7 years ago

    Lmao my dog name is simba lol

  • Tessssie0m 7 years ago

    It frozed at 36… Awk

  • Michael C. Main 7 years ago

    Chariots of Fire always fits in a video.

  • BubbleOfficial 7 years ago

    Ur dog is sooo cute!!

  • Pallinsfavorit 7 years ago

    0:15 – 0: 23 LOL

  • LP Slipknot 7 years ago


  • blake parker 7 years ago

    lol the ending

  • amljoka 7 years ago

    He zcared the dog twice by gigglin loud

  • Pickachan 7 years ago

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  • clara anne michael 7 years ago

    aww… doggy!!! :3

  • Anti Saar 7 years ago

    dtrix cry lololololol:D

  • Brandon Cruz 7 years ago

    🙁 doggy

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