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  • kboxer119 7 years ago

    Thnx for subscribing to me..

  • LA Nidra 7 years ago

    no prob 🙂

  • essenceflow 7 years ago

    the Hibernation yoga nidra album is superb.  Listened to it several years ago (but what is time?) 😉 and looking forward to enjoying Elevation~ Keep up the amazing work Aurora.

  • LA Nidra 7 years ago

    Oh cool, Essence 🙂 It’s nice to hear feedback from you 🙂

  • chase mercer 7 years ago

    I love yoga nidra, it’s totally opened up my mind / body awareness. I took the east side yoga nidra experience in NYC for the first time and it was amazing!

  • LA Nidra 7 years ago


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