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Part 1.




  • lado razmadze 7 years ago

    with real girlfriends

  • David Gonzalez 7 years ago

    well, actually that demographic wouldn’t use this video to learn yoga

  • Iceforsugar 7 years ago

    (annoying comment) Hello!

  • nelonXD 7 years ago

    boner, boner everywhere…

  • Arjun Chatterjee 7 years ago

    lol white people doing yoga

  • Frank Shopen 7 years ago

    I want to thank you so much for a thorough, beautiful introduction to yoga. It makes me feel great. Now that I understand what everythings for and how it works, I NEED A VERSION WITHOUT THE INTRODUCTORY REMARKS, so I don’t have to keep getting up to fast forward with the mouse. VERY disruptive to the routine. Because you did such a great job introducing me to this, I’d LOVE to stay with you. If there is no such thing, I’ll have to try other routines or edit the ones you gave us.

  • Frank Shopen 7 years ago

    Please let me know if there is a good routine you recommend? THANKS!

  • TheMagnatar 7 years ago

    too busy drinking and riding

  • Travis Laing 7 years ago

    OUCH! Mountain pose cracked my sternum ~~~

  • Lourdes Betancourt 7 years ago

    What a condescending style of teaching! And the sound effects are simply silly and annoying. I would have liked to use this video but, honestly, have some respect for yoga and your viewer.

  • thank you jennifer anniston’s 

  • Brady2k10 7 years ago

    here bro

  • Rushanthas 7 years ago

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  • charakageeth 7 years ago

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  • alex1020 7 years ago

    male 19 yo!

  • Oscar Memo 7 years ago

    so u need to use stupid goffy sound effects to know this is for dummies?

  • dyefrey 7 years ago

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  • andrew12345995 7 years ago

    @auckwardninja what about me im 16 lol

  • Cechas 7 years ago

    Na ka stuburininkai, pradedam ryta.. ;-)

  • kimosabi320 7 years ago

    right here :/

  • Drew Dalasta 7 years ago

    I want to try some naughty positions with you.

  • Brandon Falcon 7 years ago

    Certainly more folks than I are using this as an intense masturbation workout for pros…

  • sbanihammad 7 years ago


  • hussain mahmad 7 years ago

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  • wushu2020 7 years ago

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  • Brian Ferro 7 years ago


  • Blake Bradley 7 years ago

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  • Sandip Kc 7 years ago

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  • unexplodedscotsman 7 years ago

    “NOT FOR CHRISTIANS” Neither is reality, apparently. If $#@! stretching is going to dishonor your imaginary friend, I suspect you need medication.

  • nour Desoki 7 years ago

    I Like that is so slow and good information for beginners like me…Thanks Sara..:)

  • nour Desoki 7 years ago

    hey sara u don’t have twitter or facebook to ask u if i need?

  • thebabicazima 7 years ago

    Nice voice I can just listen and listen 🙂 Great job for video

  • 911KaylaRae 7 years ago

    Is it normal to struggle with stretching and keeping still?

  • wioleta brzostowska 7 years ago


  • David Mayes 7 years ago

    In the weight room…

  • UDubFootballFan 7 years ago

    Hi Sara.

  • OM270891 7 years ago

    wow those noises sure distract you during a peaceful yoga workout !

  • Nathan Dao 7 years ago

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  • seroeth 7 years ago

    she speaks like someone trying to keep a shot of water in her mouth without dribbling

  • Marco Peralta 7 years ago

    Fuck i thought that really was for those who really want to learn yoga, i must be a fucking nerd. 

  • Eduardo Cassiano 7 years ago

    boy did I wish some private classes with her.

  • Damian Kuhn 7 years ago

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  • RavenaGaming 7 years ago

    Well I’m a female age 18 in a week so I don’t fit into that pattern either

  • mojesirri 7 years ago

    Nice to learn from you.The way you teach itself make so calm and peaceful at work out:)

  • Misha Suvinski 7 years ago

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